Day 5: Girl crushes

Good Evening Sunshines!

I had such a great day with the girls today. It’s been a minute since the squad and I were all together for a workout. As much as I joke about my RBF (resting bitch face for all those who don’t know) at the gym, i’ve met some amazing girls there. I am the girl who is training my ass off and dying between sets, but I am also that girl who is likely creeping you if you’re female and lift heavy– especially if you have a big ass or big delts.

I am not about to come girl crush all over you if you’re training, but once you start the steady state cardio or head into the locker room don’t be surprised if my creeper face is all up in your business. Actually, now that I think about it…I think I did interrupt Kait’s workout the very first time I approached her. I had been creeping her a while on instagram and one day just went for it. Our friendship has gone from simply exchanging smiles in the gym to her putting bikini bite on my ass for my last show. Not many people have been that close to my butt hole…Needless to say we’re close.

On top of an amazing workout, the girls and I also indulged in burgers and cupcakes. I made sweet love to a basket of sweet potato fries, and regret nothing.  Now i’m at home sipping a glass of Syrah, watching Hannibal, and editing my latest Youtube video.

I haven’t done anything particularly Christmasy so far this year, maybe i’ll convince the hubby to get a photo with Santa with me tomorrow…

Until next time!




Day 4: Blame it on the Henny…

Good Evening everyone!

I am going to keep tonight’s post short and sweet–just like me. I finally stopped tempting fate and booked my flight to Nova Scotia this morning. Typically I book much earlier, but I’ve been following the trends for several years now and there are always sales this time of year. However, since I am into December and flying in exactly 2 weeks I figured it was time to purchase before prices starting increasing.

My parents are overjoyed of course. My father is especially excited, and started listing out 150 things we NEED to do in the 2 weeks my feet are on Nova Scotian soil. The plan involves watching all of the ‘Wrong Turn’ movies, eating apple crisp til our belly’s ache, and hopefully a snowball fight. Even if I wanted to stay in Ottawa this year, I’d be heading home because i’m not sure my dad could bear the thought. Let’s just say he doesn’t handle this ‘my baby living in a different province’ thing very well and still reminds me not to talk to strangers every time he talks to me. I have not lived at home for over 10 years, but he still thinks i’m 13 and to be honest it’s kind of cute.

I am currently editing my Youtube video, sipping a beautiful peppery glass of Syrah, and trying to convince myself that half a bag of chips is NOT a wise use of macros. Logic isn’t winning out on this argument and I think I may throw nutrition and logic to the wind and have chips for dinner…

Taking a cue from Jamie Foxx and T-Pain i’ll just blame it on the alcohol.

Good night all!


Day 3: Rod Stewart Christmas?

Hi guys.

I’m sure you’ve guessed based on the title that i’m listening to Christmas music tonight while I edit my Vlogmas video. I know, I know…Rod Stewart? Well it just so happens that it’s my jam. I firmly stand behind my music choice. Tho, I have been questioning my sanity as of late…ever since I discovered I may be a Belieber. JBiebs latest album has got me feeling some type of way, so it’s possible i’ve lost my damn mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I still rock out to Mariah Carey’s Christmas and i’m sure i’ll put on a little Kenny G when no one is around but for now Rod Stewart wins.

Last year while I was listening to Rod (Yes, this has been an ongoing thing…) my mom mocked me mercilessly.


So I just turned it up a little louder and sang along. She has got to know by now I do my own thing. 😉

Anyway, my video is live so go check it out. If there is anything you’d like me to discuss or show you in my videos please comment.

Have yourself a Merr…er uh…good night. Yes, have a good night. Rod almost had me saying shiz I didn’t quite mean. Crisis averted.


Day 2: Time to decorate…

Hi everyone. *sniff sniff, sneeze, cough*

The cold got me. Between the sore throat, and pounding headache i’ve been hit pretty hard and just want my mommy. I spent 95% of my day in bed. Well, technically I’ve been napping on the sofa, but get the point. I managed to make myself a bowl of oatmeal and record a video for my channel but that’s about it.

My computer is being moody today, so uploading my video may or may not happen. I forgot when I decided to vlog that my computer has more mood swings than a carb depleted bikini competitor. Hopefully if I speak in a low, soothing tone it will come around and do it’s job.

On an unrelated note, a few of the ladies I work with decorated their cubicles weeks ago, and stopped by mine recently and were surprised and mildly appalled at the fact that other than papers strewn about it is void of all things red and green. I feel like since it’s 2 days into December I can’t distract them with witty banter any longer. Sooner or later, they’ll expect some bells and ribbons. I do have a pair of reindeer antlers with the most annoying bells attached, perhaps i’ll wear those.

This could also work…


Which reminds me that the past few years I haven’t decorated my house for the holidays either. Not because I haven’t been into it, but I have been spending 2 weeks at Christmas at home in Nova Scotia and have been enjoying the decor there instead. I was thinking that i’d like a mini tree tho, so maybe i’ll get hubby to bring me one… or even a Christmas centerpiece would be nice. Hmmm….

For now i’ll be content with the knowledge that I have hot chocolate mix in the cupboard. That is about as Christmasy as it’s going to get today. Maybe after another epic 14 hour sleep i’ll feel like decorating.

Sleep well my loves!

Day 1: Cookies heal everything…

Ho Ho Ho!

There is something so amazing about December 1st. Not entirely sure what makes today so magical, but I do not feel in the Christmas spirit at all during November. It may be my birthday month, and host to Black Friday and Cyber Monday but ya’ll playing with those holiday decorations. However, as soon as December rolls around I am in full blown Christmas mode.


Confession time. It’s 9:30 and I just woke up. I know, I know. not a nocturnal squirrel, but hey I have a cold and this is how i’m coping. I got home this afternoon from work and collapsed in a ball of shivers on my bed and basically slept all evening. The only reason I even managed to get out of bed now, is because i’m hungry. I can feel my gains slipping through my fingers so i’m eating, quickly editing a video and back to bed within 45 minutes.

This is all fine and good Regena, but where do the cookies fit into all of this? How do they heal? Are they magic cookies? Are they special cookies akin to those varieties of brownies you may find yourself snacking on in Amsterdam? 

Whoa! Calm down. No, these are not special cookies. The honest truth is that ALL cookies (unless they contain raisins or other pieces of fruit) have the ability to make a sick girl feel better.  I do not have stomach flu, I do not have pneumonia, and to be honest i’m only feverish with a helluva bad headache and sore throat so basically anything delicious would make me feel better. I wont’ lie tho, cookies pretty much make my day.

However, rather than gobbling down half a box of cookies, I am sipping on a glass of Perrier laced with Emer-C vitamin C powder pretending it’s a ‘Sex on the Beach’. It’s not quite perfect, but it’s not too shabby either.

Well I just ate 700 calories worth of food in about 3 minutes, my tummy is full and I am once again a happy girl. I think it’s time I head back to bed. Tomorrow will be better, I can feel it. Actually if i’m being 100% honest with you, all I feel right now is the weird scratchy tag in my sleep shirt so that’s a little distracting but i’m sure tomorrow will be great despite that.

Have a fantastic rest of the day and an even better tomorrow.



Vlogmas??!Twas the month before Christmas…

Good Evening Sunshines!

I hope your autumn has been filled with pumpkin spice, crisp leaves, and well since we’re on the topic of crisp…perhaps apple crisp with ice cream. Oh yes, I definitely hope that’s how your September, October, and November have been progressing. Now that I think about it, I might just have to go whip some up quickly in the kitchen. I am currently bulking after all…

Tomorrow is December 1st and that means–You guessed it, the countdown for Christmas begins. Actually for me, it’s the countdown til I fly back home to Nova Scotia to spend with my family. Okay, fine, it’s the  count down til I get to eat everything in sight and chalk it up to the holidays. You got me to say it. Happy?

Actually, this year I am looking forward to spoiling my niece and nephew. She’s just over 2 and he will be 1 in a few days so prime present opening age. I feel like I am going to spend the entire time i’m home teaching them each bad…er good habits. Oh, and let’s not forget constantly biting the inside of my mouth to ensure I don’t say something my niece shouldn’t hear…you know what i’m talking about, those 4 letter words that aren’t rated on the same adorable level as Dora the explorer and Thomas the Train, or whatever little kids are watching these days. Repeat after me Regena “Shoot, Fudge, Darnit”

…did someone say Fudge?

Okay enough of that. Basically I am here for 2 very special reasons.
Drake Bells Bling

  1. I want to try something different this year and vlog during December. The videos will be up on my youtube channel.
  2. To let you know that my blog will be undergoing some mini changes in the coming weeks so don’t be alarmed if you check back in, and don’t quite recognize the set up. I promise, it will be all for the best

So in case you’re still stuck on point #1 what are you thoughts? Would you watch my holiday vlogs? If I get a tree? My vegan gluten free cookie recipes? Holiday parties? I’d love to hear from you. Please Please Please comment or write me and give me some ideas for what I should talk about in my upcoming video series. If there’s something you want to know, now is the time to ask.

Oh, and to get you guys excited about the Vlogs, here is a little PREVlog magic to get it all started off.


Happy last day of November dahhhlings.


Finally on Youtube! Calling all #Fitgirls…and guys.

Hi guyyysssss!!

(If you have watched any of my Instagram videos you should be able to picture me saying this and waving at the camera…)

Between training, work, calculating the perfect macros to allow for ice cream while cutting, and sleeping I’ve been a busy bee the past few weeks. I suppose sleeping doesn’t count as a chore, but i’m quite good at it, so I should at least be allowed to add it to my CV.

Tonight’s post is going to be a rather short one, but I wanted to let you guys know that I am on YOUTUBE! My swolemate Kait and I decided to join forces and rock your socks off with our awesomeness. Okay, truthfully, I’m a little wary of toes, so maybe your socks can stay on, but I need you to be prepared for the insanity that will be our channel. We plan to cover fitness related topics, flexible dieting, do reviews, hauls, etc. It’s also another great way to stay up to date with my competition prep as i’m now 9 weeks out from UFE (well that is the CURRENT plan) and will be uploading vlogs.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself Gawd, I would love to sit around and listen to Regena ramble about random shit in a slightly nonsensical manner, I bet that would be super fun then my channel is just the place to be. 🙂

We’re new to this, and learning as we go so we would both really appreciate the support. I have just uploaded the very first video, so if you would be so kind as to head over to the channel and like the video/subscribe–it would make my day!

Don’t worry, i’ll still be around for blogging. I have a million (that’s actually probably not an exaggeration) photos that I need to sort through for upcoming posts, so stay tuned for that. Have an amazing weekend!