“The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.” – Edwin Way Teale

This morning as I sat staring out of the window on my bus ride to work, I saw a few tulips– not quite blossomed yet– poking out of the ground and was reminded of the rhyme APRIL SHOWERS BRINGS MAY FLOWERS.


Today is the first day of May, and as the flowers begin to blossom and bloom into something extraordinary so shall I. Okay, that’s a little over the top but hey, that’s sort of my thing. I have some ‘personal’ challenges going and will continue with those, but it’s the first day of May so I have decided to try a few other things too.

One of the things I have been working towards the past few weeks is finding my balance. I want to focus on lifting, yet fit in cardio, yoga, foam rolling, biking, nature walks, the list goes on and all of this is great but I have found myself missing my love–yoga. I just can’t give it up…and why should I have to? It centers me, makes me stronger, and leaves my body feeling better. So…I am still going to focus on lifting since that is something I need to learn to love–but i’m not going to worry too much about if I can lift + this + that…I am going to do yoga every day and I believe balance will come. 🙂


I know…scary. But it doesn’t have to be a 90 minute class, it can be as simple as a 20 minute youtube video–anything that goes toward making me stronger, more centered, and relaxed.

Actually you know what, this would be so much easier if I just make a list (what can I say, i’m a little bit of a crazy list maker).

1. Take back my love. Practice some form of yoga every day. (DVD’s, Classes, youtube)

2. Get better organized. Ugh…my office is a disaster, my filing cabinet is a disaster, and don’t  even get me started on the sad state of my make up/bathroom cabinets. I need to take the time to put things in order.

3. Become a more serious blogger. I have recipes, hair product reviews, failed hair attempts, etc that i’ve been meaning to share but haven’t taken the time to just do it…this month it’s on. AND since #2 is to get more organized it should be easier than ever.



5. Create a weekly food menu and budget and stick to it. (I stole this from the wonderful Fit,Green,And Gorgeous but lord knows I need this badly.

6. My final, and biggest goal for this month SAVE, SAVE, SAVE those dollars! There is something (which I will share later) that I really want to do, but it requires a nice chunk of change in order to do. It is something I have wanted for a while, and I’m nervous and excited but I think I can make it happen if I create a plan and actually stick to it.



#5 and #6 feed into one another because I spend a LOT (and I do mean a lot) of money on food. Sometimes necessary purchases like bananas, chia seeds, and tea but other times i’ll buy 5 more boxes of tea before the last 4 are done or decide I need new $12 nut butter, cereal, more zucchinis than I can possibly eat (so they rot), more frozen fruit even tho I already have 5 bags, overpriced raw cacao…yeah as you can see I have a weakness and that weakness is the organic market. :S  So cut back on splurge purchases, no unnecessary shopping, etc and make this dream of mine a reality. I say that’s a pretty darn good reason don’t you?

Okay well those are my 6 May Challenges. What are you doing this may? Are you planning to start fresh and blossom into something spectacular like the daisies that will soon be popping up everywhere? Try something new, I bet you will love it!  (Oh speaking of trying something new, follow me on twitter @spinbikequeen for pics, inspirational quotes, etc that I post daily).

*Peace, Love, and Pretty Flowers*


One thought on ““The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.” – Edwin Way Teale

  1. If you love Yoga you should do it!!! I love nature walks/hikes, so I am trying to do more of that. Sometimes I feel like I am a boat, and I am leaking, and that water that is leaking out, well, that is actually money. You have inspired me to get back to budgeting!

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